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Specialty Wallcoverings

Some wallcoverings are uniquely different than those that are sold in rolls or yards. Some of them can be colored to suit your specific design or color scheme, some are grouted like tile, some have glass beads, and many are made from various types of unusual materials.

Weathered Stone® Wallcovering

This slide show is for Weathered Stone® Wallcovering which can be made in unique colors and trimmed to look like varying sizes of stone block, bricks, etc. The design can fit your style and imagination. This product is grouted to appear as blocks, brick and tile would appear. View the site at:

Maya Romanoff®

Maya Romanoff® has created extraordinary surfacing materials since 1969. The company is known for its unique and imaginative materials used in its wallcoverings. Go to their link at:

The jobs in the slide show were in a store, condominium, home bath and restaurant. Using Maya Romanoff Bedazzled, Bedazzled Relief Marquetry, and Wallmica.

Cannon/Bullock Wallcoverings

Cannon/Bullock Wallcoverings are made from hand made papers from around the world. These are designed to represent stone, wood, metallics, have artwork, silk ribbons or glass beads on it. The Cannon/Bullock link is:

Embossed Wallcovering

Lincrusta Wallcovering and Anaglypta Wallpaper are just two of many embossed wallcoverings now available. This slide show shows several different embossed wallcoverings in finished and unfinished states. All of this wallcovering is meant to be painted or metal leafed after or sometimes before the installation is done. For more on Lincrusta and Anaglypta view these sites: and

Gray Canvas Wallcovering

Wallcovering can be created from any material that can be adhered to a wall and/or ceiling surface. This installation was done with bolts of gray canvas awning material, and the seams were covered with cording covered in the gray canvas and adhered side by side around edges and at seams. This application suited the look the homeowners wanted for their house's interior.

Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers

Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers' designs bring back the styles of the 1880's through 1960's: Victorian, Arts & Crafts, and Modern. Selections include: Victorian wallpaper designs; Arts & Crafts designs; Art Deco designs; Post-War Era designs; Atomic Age designs and Mod Generation designs. All of the wallpaper is screen printed in the Northern California factory. For more information go to the site at, ( To become a fan go to the Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers page on Facebook at, (

Italian Plaster Fresco Murals

 Hand painted murals created in Italy by artist      who use the original Fresco's technique.          These Murals are created to fit your specific  space  and sense of style for your interior.

Sisal and Hemp Wallcovering

One hundred percent natural sisal grass is woven into wallcovering made with a paper backing. This wallpaper is made by Innovations, USA under the name Indochine, color way Fennel for this project, (    INNVIRONMENTS%20SPECIALTY&subcat= innv1). All natural hemp fibers are woven into wallcovering. You can find this wallcovering at Kravet Fabric, Inc. (KFI), ( These are natural fibers and known for there color variations and distinct paneled effect when hung in areas with multiple panels. To see an article on this job site go to, (